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My Philosophy Point Of Views About life

Monday, April 4, 2016

Things That Matter And Worth Holding On To

                     What Do You Value?

   There are several things us humans consider as value: Currency to be the number one right? WRONG.
Currency, known as money, only creates a toxic mind set of power, greed, envy, and only makes humans do do unthinkable. Money, is only a need that was forced on on us, by someone (don't know who tbh... Perhaps a secret society some where out there) who decided to claim the earth's gifts. Meaning, that everything that exists and fabricated, are all sources of the earth that someone claimed and decided to say, "oh well, if they want to survive then they need to work for me and in return, I'll give them a little something depending on how much labor they give me." But, that's besides the point.... Just something for you to think about (wink wink). 

   So, what do you value besides the things you work so hard on? Well, I have a list of things that should be value that even I myself forget to do so. 

REAL VALUES:  how about the air we breathe for starters?.. It is a beautiful connection with yourself to just close your eyes and smile as you inhale your lungs full of fresh air then exhale slowly as you slowly open your eyes. This breathing exercise in the presence of a scenery view, opens your eyes to the true beauty of just living and an appreciation of the self. 

Love. Ahhhh, the one thing everyone (including me) is so afraid of, the one thing people (including me) revert to not feel the pain. The "L" word.. It saddens me to see how Love is slowly being clouded by ignorance. Love is a powerful thing my friends. It is love that gives us the strength to do things we think we are incapable of doing. Love is a navigation to drive us to be better lovers, parents, workers, sons, daughters ect... It drive's us to determination. Value love, that with the pain, tears, and heartache creates the wisdom to tell your story to generations to come.

RESPECT: Who here thinks "Respect" is dying as we speak (or type that is). Respect isn't a thing that can be taught, respect is give and take sort of thing. Anyways,  I could go on and on about everything I see and hear and wish I could transform my self into idk... Maybe a super scary, sh**t my pants, fire breathing dragon right before people's eyes and roar in there face.... Then say (yeah fire breathing talking dragon), "RESPECT OR I WILL EAT YOU." Then maybe people would be scared of disrespecting other people. Unfortunately, no sugarcoating, and laying all BS aside... It is fear that makes us respect things for what they are. Someone decided that spanking and causing a little sting on children's bottoms was abuse. I could see why... Maybe and perhaps, they thought, is it necessary to hurt a child to teach respect? Like I said, I could just go on and on.... Value respect, for it is the very thing that opens doors and gets you ahead in life.

Momentum. There are 24 hrs in a day.... Take some time out of your busy day to build momentum with yourselves or with someone you care/love. Avoid at all costs to use money to build momentum. Remember, there isn't an amount of money that can buy the most valuable things in life. Which brings me to the next value worth holding on to....

Enjoy the little simple things in life. Just one question... Can you have the time of your life without spending a single dollar? Yes, its possible... The list is endless, but I'll leave that for you to think about. 

Your spouse. Ladies and gentlemen.. Unfortunately, people get married, years down the road they find themselves taking all the energy that should be put into a marriage with someone else. I know, I have done it. I can't say there is an excuse for this action.... But I will say, there is a cause and effect. 
Value your marriage. Which is why, you need to make sure the person you chose to be with for ever meets your lifetime goals, sexual needs (that takes work and lots of communication btw), and mutual love. Don't marry for the wrong reasons, like obsession or looks. Sometimes, it takes a little polishing to see the true beauty beneath the surface. So keep polishing, make your relationship shine, and give it the type of value you wouldn't trade for the world. 

Point being, don't rely on money to be happy... Happiness is a choice. 

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Yours Truly, 2muchsugarrπŸ’šπŸ‘Œ

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